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Note: We update this list every year, but if we’ve missed your favorite ice cream stand, do let us know.

Everyone has their favorite ice cream place. Usually it’s local, and maybe because it’s associated with sweetness and warm summer evenings, people tend to be fiercely loyal.

That’s why we are not going to rate ice cream purveyors in Bucks County (ha!). But for those of you interested in wandering the county, comparing vanillas, chocolates and peanut butter-chocolate-graham-whatever swirls, here’s a pretty comprehensive list, starting in Upper Bucks and moving south. We did, however, skip franchise places, like Rita’s and Dairy Queen, as good as they might sometimes be.

Thanks to our guest blogger, Rich Baringer, for his research in Upper Bucks, and to Sarah Wingert for updating this list.

We hope to update this list as we get a chance to visit them, and add more information, so please let us know your favorite place, and why you love it. Send us an email, or drop a comment below.

Upper Bucks (and maybe a little over the border)

The Inside Scoop (Coopersburg), 301 N. Third Street – Route 309, 610.282.1955

Rosemarie’s Italian Ice (Quakertown), 304 W. Broad Street, 215.536.3220 “A million flavors” of ice cream, plus water ice and gelato.

Grida’s (Richlandtown), 36 N. Main St, 215.536.2691 Good old-fashioned walk-up food stand. Great place to hang with friends or pick up to take home. Locally owned for over forty years, with a big menu in addition to ice cream. Soft-serve dipped in chocolate is a favorite.

Sundae School (Hilltown), 401 W. Schoolhouse Rd., 215.723-4123 ‎Housed in the old Pennville Schoolhouse – they even have the names and pictures of those who attended school there. Lots of Hershey’s ice cream flavors as well as smoothies, sundaes, Italian ice, candy, ice cream cakes, and chocolate covered bananas. Very friendly staff with an old-fashioned feel inside and outside seating for hanging out. See our Tidbits post on the Sundae School here.

oWowCow ice cream

Owowcow Creamery (Ottsville), at the intersection of Routes 563 & 412, near Rt. 611, 610.847.7070 All natural, organic, small batch, handcrafted ice cream, “Italian” style (think rich and dense) made on-site sourcing ingredients from local farms. Outside seating. Just imagine – you can eat healthy, great ice cream and support local farmers. (see below for their Wrightstown location)

Chubby’s Dairy Barn (Plumsteadville), right behind the Plumsteadville Inn, near the intersection of Route 611 and Stump Road, 215.766.7554 Very family- and community-oriented, serving Nelson’s ice cream (from Royersford). Extremely friendly staff—even have treats for dogs who visit.

The Canalside Cup (Easton), 1610 S Delaware Drive, just outside of downtown Easton, 610.253.1234. Walk-up, family-owned food stand, sells ice cream in addition to grilled and fried foods.

Central Bucks

Del Val Creamery @ The Market at Del Val (Doylestown), 2100 Lower State Road Locally made by Uncle Dave’s ice cream in Yardley (who also sells at Shady Brook Farm Market). Made from 100 percent super premium Jersey cow milk, from independently owned Pennsylvania dairy farms and using Shady Brook produce – like raspberries, strawberries and peaches – in the ice cream whenever possible. See our story on the Del Val Market.

Nat’s Pizzeria (Doylestown), 138 W. State St, 215.345.8822. Why have we listed a pizza place amidst all these ice cream parlors? Because I think they have the best Philly water ice that I’ve found in Central Bucks. And I grew up in NE Philadelphia. A big cup for a good price plus the ambience of a Philly summer evening. Sitting outside on the picnic benches, in the humid summer air, watching folks and cars go by — brings back memories of my childhood.

Nina’s Waffles (Doylestown), 30 East State Street, Doylestown, 267.454.7294 Nina’s Waffles started their first store in New Hope and recently opened their second shop in Doylestown.  They’ve branched out from their well-known waffles to create their own brand of ice cream. See below to find out more information about their flagship store.

Uncle Dave's Icecream

Nonno’s Italian Coffee Parlor (Doylestown), 6 East State Street, Doylestown, 215.348.1111 Nonno’s stocks Uncle Dave’s Ice Cream and Palazzolo’s Gelato.

Sweet Pea Homemade Ice Cream (Doylestown), 18 West State Street, Doylestown, 215.340.1575 Own-make ice cream in 30 flavors, sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes and pies, and homemade candies.

Sweet Pea Farms (Doylestown), 925 Sandy Ridge Road, Doylestown, PA , 267.404.2534 Homemade ice cream in a unique farm market. Fresh produce, flowers, kitchenwares, local honey and jams, and cheeses also.

yogurtree (frozen dessert) (Doylestown), Barn Plaza, 1745 S Easton Road, 215.343.8733  yogurtree is a custom designed and built self-serve frozen dessert cafe in Doylestown and Quakertown, PA with 12 flavors of premium frozen yogurt, ice cream, water ice and dozens of toppings to create your own custom dessert.

Pigadilly’s (Lahaska) Peddler’s Village, Shop #53, 215.794.2122 Sixteen hard and nine soft-serve flavors, gelato, baked goods and other light food. Great Peanut Butter Swirl.

Nina’s Waffles (New Hope), 31 West Mechanic Street, New Hope, 215.862.1660 Nina’s recently expanded from their well-known waffles to create their own brand of ice cream. They serve traditional flavors like chocolate and cookie dough, and more specialty flavors such as sea salt caramel and key lime raspberry.
Moo Hope Ice Cream

Moo Hope (New Hope), 22 South Main St, New Hope, 215.421.1588 Located in the heart of New Hope with their own homemade ice cream.

Dilly’s Corner (Centre Bridge), on River Road (Route 32), north of New Hope, right at the Centre Bridge-Stockton bridge, 215.862.5333 Another local favorite that has been there for years. Ice cream, milkshakes and a grill menu. See our review.

Lower Bucks

Birchwood Farms (Upper Makefield/ Newtown), 428 Brownsburg Road, 215.598.8633 Super premium organic ice cream available in fourteen “Patriotic Flavors” made from 100% whole, nutritious, raw Jersey milk, sold in quarts from their store.

Owowcow Creamery (Wrightstown) in Carousel Village, 591 Durham Rd. (Route 413), 215.598.3248 All natural, organic, small batch, handcrafted ice cream, “Italian” style (think rich and dense) made on-site sourcing ingredients from local farms. (Also in Ottsville and Lambertville, NJ)

Goodnoe Farm Dairy Bar (Newtown) 4 South Sycamore Street, 215.968.3544 The tradition continues. Goodnoe’s was the place to go for ice cream for 40 years, back when Newtown was surrounded by farms. Now the next generation is making ice cream again, using the family recipes. The store sells their homemade hand-dipped ice cream in 12 flavors, offers 15 kinds of sundaes, and milkshakes.

Zebra Striped Whale (Newtown), 12 S. State St., 215.860.4122 This local favorite on State Street in Newtown Boro opened in December 2004. It is family-owned and operated, dedicated to providing customers with premium quality ice cream, coffee, and desserts.

Tanner Brothers Dairy (Ivyland/Richboro), 1070 Hatboro Road, 215-357-1716 Tanner’s had been in business for over 100 years as a working dairy farm so you know the ice cream is fresh. Their produce selection and prices are great too, year-round.

Uncle Dave’s (Yardley) at Shady Brook Farm,  931 Stony Hill Road, 215-968-1670 Locally made from 100 percent super premium Jersey cow milk, from independently owned Pennsylvania dairy farms and using Shady Brook produce – like raspberries, strawberries and peaches – in the ice cream whenever possible.

Ice cream float

Yardley Ice House (Yardley boro), 77 S. Main St., 215.321.9788 Family-owned and run. Gourmet Italian Water Ice (in 22 flavors), gelati, soft serve custard, milk shakes and malts, ice cream sundaes, blend-ins and ice cream floats.

Mom’s Homemade Water Ice & Ice Cream (Langhorne) Pine Watson Center, N. Pine St. Not much online about them but a very popular neighborhood place.

Dairy Delite (Levittown), 972 Woodbourne Rd, 215.547.1636‎ This hugely popular ice cream place has several locations in Lower Bucks. From what we’ve heard, portions are big and the lines are long.

Gibby’s Ice Cream Store (Levittown), 4010 Veterans Hwy, 215.945.1700 Small, family-owned Levittown landmark serving ice cream and frozen yogurt. The kind of place you grew up with.

Let’s Go to The Hop (Bristol), 2 Pond St, 215.688.3892 Classic “50’s” style Ice Cream shop offering more than just ice cream. Funnel cakes, “Philly Style” sandwiches, fresh cut fries, burgers and more.

And on the other side of the river…

Cravings (Stockton), 10 Risler St, 609.397.2911

Bucks Ice Cream and Espresso Bar (Lambertville), 25 Bridge St, 609.773.0888

Caffe Galleria (Lambertville), 23 North Union St, 609.397.2400

Owowcow Creamery (Lambertville) 237 North Union St, 609.397-2234. All natural, organic, small batch, handcrafted ice cream, “Italian” style (think rich and dense) made on-site sourcing ingredients from local farms. (Also in Ottsville and Wrightstown; see above)

It’s Nutts (Titusville), 1381 River Road, 609.737.0505 Convenient for Bucks County folks in Upper Makefield and Washington Crossing area. Good ice cream, interesting flavors, outside seating right off of River Road/Route 29.

Updated on June 14, 2017

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31 Responses to Let’s go for ice cream (and water ice!)

  1. Thanks for this post. It was consulted before yesterday’s day trip to Bucks County. My party stopped at Tanner Brothers. We heard very good things about OWoW Cow, and sampled flavors at Tabora Farms on Upper Stump Road.

  2. Thanks for this post. It was consulted before yesterday’s day trip to Bucks County. My party stopped at Tanner Brothers. We heard very good things about OWoW Cow, and sampled flavors at Tabora Farms on Upper Stump Road.

  3. Lynne Goldman says:

    Great! Glad it was helpful. Let us know what you thought of the ice cream you ate, as well as anything else. Enjoy Bucks County!

  4. Laura says:

    Pigadilly’s in Peddlers Village makes AWESOME gelato fresh everyday.

  5. Greg says:

    Do you mean 563 & 412 for Owow Creamery as opposed to 536 and 412?

  6. Yes, you’re right! Thanks. I just corrected it.

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  8. Cuz' Jodi says:

    Sorry, Cuz’ — but 40 years ago ‘THE’ place for ice cream was Greenwood Dairy on Route 1. Every visit would find a selection of available ice cream flavors that differed from your last visit. Unsure what to get (what kid does)? Greenwood Dairy offered tastings long before anyone knew what a tasting was! And though Greenwood Dairy made an outrageous banana split sundae, my memories are all about their ice cream cones! For 25-cents, you were presented with a softball-size mound of ice cream that was balanced precipitously atop your cone of choice. There was an art to eating a Greenwood Dairy cone, too — and if you didn’t learn how at an early age, you’d be wearing (vs. eating) the ice cream.
    ALSO, there’s a soft-serve ice cream drive-in (on Rte 13?) near the Levittown rail station (across from where the Levittown Shopping Center was located). When living in Levittown (40+ yrs ago), this drive-in used to sell soft-serve orange sherbert . . . OMG, a mixed cone w/ their chocolate soft-serve was to die for! I was in Levittown a few years ago, and the store that day was serving soft-serve raspberry sherbert. Same OMG response! Better yet, buy a quart each of their sherbert & ice cream and ‘kvell’ in the privacy of your own home!!!
    Gotta go . . .

  9. Greenwood Dairy. There’s a name from the past! I vaguely remember the name, but not any images. Guess I was too young! Thanks for the comment.

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  11. Ann Murray says:

    Zebra Striped Whale in Newtown on South State Street. Fantastic!

    Sweet Pea on Sycamore Street in Newtown…Homemade! Great!

  12. You’re right, Ann. I should add them to the list. My bad.

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  15. Joan gares says:

    U Forgot CHILL FACTOR iN Bensalem! Amazing 24 diFfereNt flavors!

  16. Maddybee says:

    Thank you, for the list, much appreciated! And thank you, Cuz Jody for the Greenwood Dairies comments. I grew up in the Feltonville section of Philadelphia and sometimes my father would pile us into the 1950 Dodge and drive out to the country, up Route 1 to Greenwood. My brother once won the coveted “I Was a Pig At Greenwood Dairies” button after consuming that mega dish of ice creams. Great memory for me.

  17. Keith Reilly says:

    That’s some list, thanks for sharing! Admittedly, I’m a Yardley Ice House guy when I crave something sweet!

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  20. Tom says:

    I agree about Owow Cow in Ottsville. Their ice cream is the best around. But I have to take issue with calling it “healthy”. No ice cream is healthy. It may be delicious and indulgent, but it is all full of fat and sugar. Natural flavorings don’t change that.

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  22. lynn says:

    Since you went out of bucks county…..the canalside cup in raubsville which is on 611 just above riegelsville pa. Is a great ice cream place also.

  23. […] week, whether you are looking for something sweet like fro-yo (see here for some Bucks County ice cream/frozen yogurt spots) or salty like burgers and fries, there’s […]

  24. Mark H. says:

    Unfortunately, Half Pint Kitchen is no more. Owowcow in Lambertville is our go-to ice cream place.

  25. Ooops. Thanks for the reminder about Half Pint Kitchen. Robin and Jim are now happily ensconced in beautiful Maine.

  26. possemama says:

    Chubby’s. I love Nelson’s icecream.

  27. Laurel Van Ham says:

    Just thought I’d Google Greenwood Dairy and was pleased to find a few other’s fond memories. Worked with a youth group in the last ’60’s and going there was an occasional treat. As i recall the “Pig’s Dinner” was served in a wooden trough, and you could win a prize if you ate the whole thing. The prize was another Pig’s Dinner!

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