Lynne Goldman and Mark Feffer, who live in the old railroad village of Wycombe, close to the center of Pennsylvania’s Bucks County, began Bucks County Taste in November 2008. Since then we have published over 1400 articles about local food in Bucks County and nearby.

“Let’s start a blog,” Mark suggested in the fall of 2008, to which Lynne’s reply was, “What’s a blog?”.

We created this site because we like food and the stories behind it, and because the Delaware River Valley (Bucks and nearby counties across the river) is populated by an amazing group of farmers, chefs, writers, vintners, ice cream makers, bartenders, and firefighters who cook up pretty good pancakes one or two Sundays of the year.

Lynne, who publishes the site, now knows what a blog is – and then some (Mark doesn’t write much anymore; just tags along for the food).

In addition to uncovering anything having to do with local food, and telling those stories, she loves being able to support our local food economy. Her hidden passion is cheese, especially those that go well with single-malt scotch or bourbon.

Mark is a journalist and novelist who sees no reason not to grill steaks simply because it’s icing outside. Our other team members are Winston and Malky, two miniature schnauzers who will eat anything.

copyright 2005 Alex Gregory and Conde Nast

copyright 2005 Alex Gregory and Conde Nast

A word about our philosophy. We decided from the start that this would be a positive blog. We don’t view ourselves as self-appointed food critics. We want to share the good things happening in Bucks County and nearby.

So, if we go somewhere or eat something we don’t like – we just don’t write about it. It’s only our opinion, after all. We certainly don’t want to damage someone’s livelihood. As Mark says, no one sets out with the goal of making a bad restaurant, or bar, or wine. That said, if we haven’t written about a place, it may just be because we haven’t gotten around to it.

We welcome comments to each item we post, suggestions for places to visit, and any other contribution you’d like to make. E-mail or write us at:

Bucks County Taste
P.O. Box 353
Wycombe PA 18980

Email us at:


69 Responses to About Us

  1. Megan Brady says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for giving Ian the tip about Flint Hill Farm! We plan on taking the girl’s there tomorrow for some family fun! We’ll let you know how it was!

    Also, the website is great! This was such a great idea and I look forward to frequenting this to find good food and fun stuff for the girl’s.

    Take care,
    Megan Brady

  2. helen says:

    I just discovered your BLOG when searching for info about Tyler Tasting. I am looking forward to your newsletter & regularly reading your Bucks County Taste Blog!

  3. Don Hinmon says:

    You MUST try this place! Besty peaches,bar none.
    I have NO commercial interest. My wife and I travel there from far off Montgomery County just for the fruit.
    Manoffs latest email:
    Hi All!!
    This is a great peach week.
    We’re picking the Sun Hi and Loring Peaches and more Raritan Rose white peaches.
    as well as the new White Nectarines and Fantasia Yellow Nectarines.
    We still have some Donut Peaches available.
    Our Customer Appreciation Day is this coming Saturday.
    We’ll have hayrides to the peach orchard and
    homemade peach icecream!!
    Come join us on our special day.
    Pies made from our fruit arrive on Friday and Saturday.
    See you at the farm.
    SOLEBURY, PA 18963
    215-297-8220 or

  4. Johnny K-bar says:

    Just thought you might want to include in the sidebar the Bucks County Cooperative listing of the farms, vineyards, & markets. It’s not all inclusive of the places you have mentioned, but it’s a handy reference. There’s also Lehigh Valley, MontCo & others, but they are hidden on the county sites. I’d love to get a comprehensive one for the SEPA region, but that’s probably asking too much. The LV one does venture into portions of Bucks County a little. Here’s the link:

  5. Sara Gordon says:

    I was just wondering if you know of any current job openings in the sustainable food field.

    Many thanks, Sara

  6. Sorry, Sara, but I don’t. What are you looking for in particular? Feel free to contact me directly at

  7. Thanks! Good idea. I’ll get on it.

  8. laure duval says:

    I am trying to find a source to buy LIVE ducks – preferably Rouen, Nantes, but any live duck if I have limited options. I poked around the site, having stumbled on one of your postcards, but couldn’t find information about where to buy live poutlry. Any ideas? thanks

  9. Johnny K-Bar says:

    Have you thought about linking this site to Facebook? I’ve become a fan of a couple websites, so every time they update, it seems like there’s a status update on FB. It may allow you another avenue to get the word out, and I know that I use your site when I’m looking for good ideas in the area.
    Keep up the great work.


  10. Thanks so much, John, for the comment and positive feedback. I now have a page on Facebook (“Friends of Bucks County Taste”) but have to work on linking them (finding the right plug-in to use for WordPress). It is my intention! Thanks again and let us know of any good places you find. Also, keep checking in because we will have more Mexican restaurant reviews coming up.

  11. Robin says:

    I’ve been searching for some kind of resource for the bounty of Bucks; so glad to have found your site! I look forward to browsing it.

  12. Hi. We love what you do to promote the finer things available in Bucks County. Asking permission to put Bucks County Taste as a web-link on our site. Hope you respond (and possibly reciprocate).
    Wishing you all Best of Bucks for the Holidays,
    Craig Silbert and Karen Riley

  13. Absolutely, Craig. Thanks for the positive feedback and the link. I’ll call you this week.

  14. Michael C says:

    The killer-app of eating in Bucks County. Having just recently moved (back) here, your site is proving to be an ultimate resource. Many untold thanks are out there for this great collection of info and stories.

  15. Thanks so much for the great feedback. Us lonely bloggers need it. Just me and the dogs home today.
    Happy Holidays,

  16. Gary & Brenda says:

    My google account provides me with suggested sites/ blogs I might find interesting, based on my interests. We both like food, so after seeing your blog I’ve been following. very happy to do so. we like your attitude, no negative info. We are clearly blessed to live in an urban area like BC and still have so much food, country culture, our farms & it’s all so close. We had family that lived in Pineville down the road from Wycombe for many years, 60-90’s. Pineville Tavern is one of those little local jewels. Have a good New Year, look forward to your blog in 2010.

    Best regards,
    Gary & Brenda

  17. Hi everyone! Just found your blog and wanted to say 1) Great job! 2) Thanks for the link to my site. 3) If I can help out in any way, please let me know. Look forward to following!

  18. John says:

    The new Bucks County Extension booklet is out with about 10 new farms, markets, CSA’s & the like. The total is over 70. I love that it’s growing that much. On the downside, there are about 4 or 5 in last year’s book who aren’t in this one.

  19. Su Teears says:

    A very informative website… love it!

    For those in the Bucks County area… Create the perfect atmosphere for your next event, and add fun and excitement with the Su Teears Band.

  20. Thank you for your review of Winckler’s Ribs in ‘Buck County Taste’.
    I want to clarify one thing. I do not boil my ribs as it says in your article. I use a braising process. (Braising is similar to cooking in a crock pot, where the liquid never sees a boil, and the cooking is slow, gentle and time consuming.) We then use wood burning smoke (apple) in the final char-broiling process.

    As a professional in the food business for forty years, I find that the process of dry rub and smoking a meat product, although good, does not produce the optimum results that can be achieved with the process that is used at Winckler’s Ribs. Thank you. Any Q’s contact: 215.736.1102.

  21. Thanks, Mike. I’ll make the changes to the post.

  22. Jen Marshall says:

    I’m a transplant from Maryland… I joke with my husband that if not for his wonderful friends, family, and the fact that I fell in love with Bucks County, we wouldn’t be together! I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog, and think it’s a real treat to see you all celebrating some of the best of what the county has to offer (and encouraging others to do the same). Thank you!

  23. Thanks for your kind words, Jen! I really appreciate the feedback. Enjoy!

  24. Debbie Frentzen says:

    I love your website. Just wanted to say thanks for the great information!!

  25. Thanks so much for the nice feedback!

  26. Lindsay says:

    Can you do a post about places in Bucks County that will have brunch available on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Most places seem to be open for lunch but I’m looking for a good brunch on that day. Thank you!

  27. Hi Lindsay,
    I don’t know of any brunches on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Most places that offer brunch only do so on Sundays and I imagine that the restaurants I listed for Thanksgiving dinners/brunches will not be giving a brunch on that Friday after doing so on Thanksgiving. Sorry to not be more help on this.


  28. Ken Maas says:

    Please add my email address to your distribution list?

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