Welcome Half-Pint Kitchen Ice Cream & Sorbet

Yippee!! I know that’s not very professional, but that’s how I feel.

My friend and fellow food blogger (extraordinaire), Robin Damstra, has launched her own artisanal ice cream business, Half Pint Kitchen Ice Cream and Sorbet. If you enjoy her exquisite blog, Caviar and Codfish, and photos, imagine what she’ll do with ice cream. Well, you don’t have to. Read her latest post all about her ice cream and see her beautiful photos (Oh dear. I’m gushing.) The post also includes a great recipe for Poached Apricots in Vanilla-Thyme Syrup with Crème Fraîche.

She’ll be selling soon at the Stockton Farmers’ Market. You can also find news about Half Pint Kitchen Ice Cream and Sorbet on their Facebook  page.

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