Tidbit: A Doylestown Food Co-op?

Update: The Doylestown Food Co-op is up and running, using local producers and drawing on the vast offerings of Neshaminy Valley Natural Foods too. The co-op has already had their first distribution and is steaming ahead! Learn more at their Meetup site: www.meetup.com/Doylestown-PA-Food-Buying-Club-Co-op/

Just caught this article in the Intelligencer this morning and since the meeting is tonight, I wanted to get up as soon as possible. A group of devoted locavores is working to create a food buying co-op in Doylestown. They are meeting at Saxby’s coffee shop tonight at 9 pm (Saxby’s is the former Bucks County Coffee house on 22 N. Main St).

A food co-op is a not-for-profit store where members decide what to sell and how the business is run. Steph Walker of Doylestown decided to start the effort in order to bring in bulk foodstuffs from local farmers and organic food distributors.

For more information, or to sign up for the group, visit: www.meetup.com/Doylestown-PA-Food-Buying-Club-Co-op/

The meeting tonight will be held at Saxby’s Coffee house at 9pm, 22 N Main St, Doylestown, (215) 345-0795
(please note the time change from 8 pm to 9 pm).

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  1. Please forward information regarding joining your co-op. I leve in Horsham and have been looiking for a food co-op close by.

    Thank You,

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