Lettuce and work

Fresh Mix clam shell

VEG-E Systems, a hydroponic farm located right here in Bucks County, has introduced a new program to bring fresh, local lettuce directly to businesses in the Doylestown community. Employees of participating businesses can receive Doylestown Fresh lettuce delivered right to their offices each week through the new Business CSA program.

“We’ve already been delivering our lettuce to some businesses in Doylestown, and the feedback we’ve received is excellent,” says Dennis Riling, VEG-E Systems’ CEO. “People like the convenience of receiving our lettuce at the office, and they can take it
home and share it with their families.”

Through Doylestown Fresh’s new Business CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, local businesses order cases of fresh, delicious lettuce up to two times a week. The lettuce, which is pesticide-free, herbicide-free, and non-GMO, is then delivered during the business day. Cases consist of 12 5-ounce packs of Fresh Mix, a combination of Green Sweet Crisp and Red Butter Lettuces.

Fresh Mix clam shell
Doylestown Fresh’s Business CSA program is an easy and powerful way local businesses can support their employees’ healthy eating habits, the local Doylestown economy, and the local foodshed. It makes a great addition to an existing employee health and wellness program since businesses can have convenient access to fresh, nutritious lettuce year round.

Doylestown Fresh is the local brand of VEG-E Systems, an indoor hydroponic farm based in Doylestown. VEG-E Systems is dedicated to giving local communities access to fresh, healthy produce. The company has local roots, founded by Delaware Valley College alumni Dennis Riling and Tim Sulzer.

For more information or to sign up for the program, visit doylestownfresh.com/business-csa or email kim@vegesystems.com.

You can also buy Doylestown Fresh produce at these retail locations.

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