Just saw Fred Slack putting hi…

Update 9/3/15: Slack’s Farm now has corn and tomatoes! You can find the farm just outside the small village of Forest Grove, on Forest Grove Road about a mile from the intersection of Routes 313 and 263.

Just saw Fred Slack putting his “corn & tomatoes for sale” sign up on Forest Grove Rd. Finally!


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  1. Fred & Evelyn Slack’s farm is in Forest Grove, Pa on Forest Grove Rd. Forest Grove is a small village about 1-2 miles east of the intersection of Route 263 (York Rd) and Route 313, near Furlong and Buckingham Township. There are two Slack farms. If you are coming from the intersection mentioned, “The Center Farm” is owned by the Wanda Slack and has a small farm stand by the road. If you keep driving, and go around a sharp bend, you’ll see Fred & Evelyn’s farm on the right, with a big sign on the left that says “Tomatoes & Corn”. Don’t know if he has San Marzano, but he may have plum tomatoes. Let me know if you need more info.

  2. Fred slack jr unfortunately is the only one left on the farm. He is a great man and I have known him for the 13 years I’ve been alive. My grandmother has known the slack family for ages. All of his produce is great! He also is always ready to help a friend in need.

  3. Hello, about 1909 did your grandfather have a meat business with a man named Kirk? Found a glass negative with Kirk & Slack Fine Meats Forest grove PA on side of horse drawn wagon. Best wishes, Terry

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