Bucks County Taste at the Linden Hill Farmers’ Market

Mark and I will be at the Linden Hill Farmers’ Market in Ottsville this afternoon from 3:30 to 7:30 pm, meeting and greeting. Come by, say hello, and buy your groceries for the week!

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  1. Nice meeting you today. I am looking forward to your website and newsletter. What a great day for the Linden Hill Farmers Market. It seemed that every Friday we had a rain storm.
    We go every week to get our local and organic vegetables. The people in the stands are so nice, helpful and knowledgeable about their stuff.

  2. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you – found your site through the newspaper article. Based on your tips some friends and I went up to Linden Hill from New Hope a couple of weeks ago – nice selection – some of the vendors also sell here but there were a couple who make it worth the trip – one produce place that had heirloom onions that look like torpedoes. they were sweet and fabulous. Also great take home organic dishes for dinner which my vegan boyfriend appreciated greatly. While we were up there we veered over to Owow Cow. Heaven! I’m a vanilla freak and the Tahitian was floral and silky. Next time, we vowed to try their Pudgets (mini ice cream sandwiches.) Oh – there’s a stand in the New Hope Market (Thursday 3-7) don’t know their name, but will find out this week. These kids have the BEST pies, and quiches – they said their mom bakes them. God bless you, Mom.

  3. Thanks, Mindy! And thanks for the info about the New Hope market. Glad you liked oWow Cow. Personally, the Rose Cream ice cream makes me weak in the knees, and I’ll eat ANY of the vanillas.

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