Tidbit: Ooka catches a big fish

Tuna Sashimi; MSClipArtI picked up this story on the “wires” (a.k.a. Google Reader). Thanks to Michael Klein at philly.com for – dare I say it – “the scoop.” Ooka, which owns Japanese restaurants in DoylestownMontgomeryville and Willow Grove, and Komé in Saucon Valley, is kicking off Sushi Week in honor of a really big fish – a bluefin tuna weighing about 410 pounds.

Ooka says its purveyor, Yama Seafood Inc. of Jersey City, N.J., got word that the fish has been caught and cleaned on a fishing boat in the Mediterranean, and will be on its way to an airport in Spain tomorrow afternoon and flown to JFK.

After a stop in Jersey City, it’s supposed to be delivered to Ooka in Montgomeryville for processing by executive chef Shuji Hiyakawa by noon Thursday. And so will commerce Sushi Week at the Ooka locations in Montgomeryville, Doylestown, and Willow Grove, as well as Komé in Saucon Valley.

Here’s what they’re offering:

  • $20 bluefin sushi or sashimi tasting, including Hon-Maguro (Japanese for bluefin), Chu-Toro (medium fatty belly tuna), and O-Toro (fatty belly tuna).
  • $25 Toro Toban-Yaki, a hot pot featuring cooked Toro and exotic Japanese mushrooms.
  • $25 bluefin tuna loin steak from the hibachi with soup, house salad, noodles and dessert.


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  1. Just had two of the three dishes at Ooka’s opening night for Tuna Week….the sushi tasting and the Toban-Yaki. Both were excellent.

    Be aware….the sushi tasting is billed as an appetizer, the other two are both dinner portions – although the bluefin tuna loin steak is only available at the hibachi tables.

    The sushi tasting was excellent, all three variations were distinct and excellent in their own world. Hon-Maguro was a relatively straightforward cube of tuna, sashimi-style. Chu-Toro was served as sushi (and was the star of the plate for the three people at the table that ordered it). The O-Toro was seared and served atop a small serving of rice.

    The Toban-Yaki was the big surprise for me…served on a sizzling platter, it was extremelly tasty and tender, despite being cooked through.

    Both dishes are highly recommended.

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