The new, cool foodie Dad

Yep. It’s this Sunday. You better get your act together. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19, 2011.

Do people still buy ties for Dads? Or barbecue equipment? Or is that all advertising gobbly gook? More like polo shirts and ugly shorts, no? What truly is reality?

Before I get too metaphysical, let’s get really real. I’ve got some great ideas for the foodie Dad, or any Dad for that matter, who enjoys eating.

Restaurants. How about a gift card to Dad’s favorite restaurant? (Mom will like that too). Click on this post and this one to get some ideas.

Specialty Food Stores. Ditto on the gift card, only why not get him one at his favorite specialty food store, like Altomonte’s, or his favorite bakery (Crossroads, Town Crier, Cramer’s, or at one of the farmers’ markets)? Or his favorite butcher (Haring Brothers, Illg’s, Ely’s, Maresca’s)? Wine or beer store (Phillips’, Wonderful World of Wine, Walker’s)? And let’s not forget ice cream places (oWowCow, Goodnoe’s, Uncle Dave’s, Chubby’s, Sweet Pea, Half Pint Kitchen, Yardley Ice House…here’s a list of even more).

Chocolate. It’s not just for Valentine’s Day anymore – or for the ladies. Pssst. I’ll tell you a secret. Men like chocolate too. Think the Painted Truffle (Stockton Market), Theo’s Chocolate or Laurie’s Chocolates (None Such Market), Raymer’s (Doylestown), and Didi’s Chocolates (Jamie Hollander Gourmet).

Bucks County Food Tour. If your Dad is into food, Bucks County Food Tours is the perfect gift. They can offer a variety of  “behind-the-scenes” tour themes – meat, ice cream, cheese, or a mixed bag of fun, interesting local food and wine. They can customize a tour too. Five hours of eating, laughing and enjoying Bucks County bounty. For more information, see their website.

Cooking Classes. Who couldn’t use a little brushing up on their cooking skills? Even if your Dad is pretty swift in the kitchen, he might enjoy learning a new cuisine or honing his skills. We’re fortunate to have several places in Bucks that do interesting and innovative cooking classes. Look up The Cooking Cottage in Sellersville, the Kitchen Garden Cooking School in Durham, Casa Casale in Lahaska, or Carlow Cookery in Doylestown.

Whatever you decide, be sure to spend some quality time with your Dad, and thank him for all the food he’s given you over the years!

Happy Father’s Day.

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