Fresh Fridays: Balsamic Glazed Salmon over Swiss Chard

In  this series, local chefs give us their favorite recipes, full of fresh, seasonal ingredients, just in time for the weekend.

By Chef Rich Baringer,

This recipe is actually a combination of two recipes from America’s Test Kitchen that I adapted to go with each other. It’s healthy, quick and gives you a nice, light summer dinner. Oh, and it’s delicious!

You can interchange some ingredients if you wish—especially the greens. In the picture here, I used beet and radish greens instead of the chard. Feel free to use any of those or spinach, kale or any other greens. Just be aware that you may have to adjust the cooking times depending on the kind of greens you use.

Balsamic Glazed Salmon over Sautéed Swiss Chard

Serves 4


1 Tbsp olive oil
4 garlic cloves, sliced thin
1 onion, minced
2 pounds Swiss chard
Salt and pepper
½ Tbsp balsamic vinegar

For the salmon
4 (6 oz) skinless salmon fillets, about 1½” thick
Salt and pepper
1 tsp canola oil
¼ cup orange juice
3 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 Tbsp honey
1 Tbsp white vinegar
1/8 tsp red pepper flakes
1 small sprig rosemary


For the chard

  1. Cut away the leafy part of the chard from the stem. Chop the stems into ¼” pieces. Slice the leaves crosswise into ½” strips. Then wash and place in a salad spinner to remove excess water, but leaving the leaves a bit damp.
  2. Cook the oil and garlic in a large Dutch oven over med-low heat, stirring occasionally, until the garlic is light golden, 5-7 minutes. Then stir in the onion, chard stems and ½ tsp salt. Increase heat to med-high and cook, stirring often, until onion and stems are softened and lightly browned, 5-7 minutes.
  3. Stir in the leaves and cook until wilted and tender tossing with tongs, about 5 minutes. Off the heat, stir in the balsamic and season with salt and pepper to taste. Keep the chard warm while you prepare the salmon.

For the salmon

  1. Pat the salmon dry with paper towels and season with salt and pepper. Heat oil in a 12″ nonstick skillet over med-high heat until just smoking. Gently lay the salmon, skinned-side up, in the skillet and cook until well browned, about 5 minutes.  (Don’t be tempted to move it!  Just put it in and let it alone.)
  2. Flip the salmon and continue to cook until it flakes apart when poked with a paring knife, 3-5 more minutes. Transfer the fish to a platter and cover loosely with foil.
  3. Wipe out the skillet with paper towels. Stir in the OJ, balsamic vinegar, honey, white vinegar, red pepper flakes and rosemary. Bring to a simmer over medium heat and cook until reduced to a thick, syrupy glaze that measures about ¼ cup, about 5 minutes. Remove the rosemary.
  4. Serve the salmon over the chard and drizzle with the glaze.

Rich Baringer is chef/owner of Dinner’s Done Personal Chef Service.  Rich grew up in Haycock Township and has lived (and eaten) in Bucks County his whole life. He now lives in Blooming Glen Village with his wife, Mary Beth, his son Jake, and Ophelia, the cat. Rich graduated from the Culinary Business Academy in Atlanta, is a member of the U.S. Personal Chef Association and owns Dinner’s Done Personal Chef Service. For more information about Dinner’s Done PCS, contact Rich at 215.804.6438, or check out his website.

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