Door to Door Organics

Door to Door Organics

Door to Door Organics boxMatt Flood wants to make it easy for you to eat organic food. In fact, he’ll bring it to your front door.

Matt is the Location Director for Door to Door Organics, a Ottsville business that delivers 100% certified organic produce weekly to people’s door steps. It’s a year round business serving customers all over the tri state region, including the Delaware Valley, Lehigh Valley, all of New Jersey, Staten Island, NY, and Delaware. During the local growing season 95% of their produce comes from within 100 miles of Bucks County, including many local farms. In the winter, the organic produce comes from the West Coast and beyond. If buying 100% organic is your priority, it doesn’t get any easier – or cost-effective – because their prices are competitive with stores like Whole Foods.

Door to Door Organics is an example of the growth of unique distribution channels for getting local, high quality produce into consumers’ hands. Other channels include ones you are probably familiar with first hand: farmers markets and farm stands, community-supported agriculture (CSA) farms, and retail stores like the Doylestown Food Co-op, who also source much of their product locally. It’s all part of a growing regional food supply system that gets stronger every year.

Medium mixed boxSo how does it work? When you join Door to Door Organics you can choose a weekly share, or biweekly share (good for small households). Then you choose the size of the box you wish to receive. “Little” boxes cost $25.99/week, small boxes are $39.99, medium boxes are $45.99 and a large mixed produce box costs $57.99 Boxes can be all vegetable, all fruit or mixed. To give you an idea of how much you get, here’s an example of the contents in a “little” box: garlic (2), Bartlett pears (2), cucumber (1), baby peeled carrots (1), Yukon Gold potatoes (1.5 lb.), romaine lettuce (1), bananas (4), navel oranges (2) and Fuji apples (2). And that’s the “little” box.

Each box ranges in the number of fruit types and vegetables varieties: the “little” box comes with 4-5 fruit types and 4-5 veggie varieties, and the large box with 7-9 fruit types and 8-10 veggie varieties. The amount of each item in the assortment depends on the size of your order. They will even help you figure out which box size is right for your needs.

Homestead Coffee Roasters

In addition to produce and fruit. Door to Door Organics also offers a wide selection of meats, fish, dairy, beverages, meals, deli and pantry items which you can add to your order as you choose (many of the producers are certified organic; some are following organic practices but are not USDA certified). Add some locally roasted coffee to your box from Homestead Coffee Roasters in Upper Black Eddy or the Coffee Scoop in Pipersville. Order pork chops from Purely Farm in Pipersville, or freshly baked goods from The Bread Box & Bakery in Perkasie. Of course you’ll also have access to some great producers outside of Bucks County, like Lancaster and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania, and in New Jersey. For a full list of farmers and producers, see their website.

Every Friday customers receive an email with the menu — or box contents — for the coming week. You can make up to five substitutions for the order any time up to 12 am on the day before your delivery. Deliveries are Monday through Friday and are scheduled by geographical area. You don’t even have to be home to receive the box. Many customers put a cooler outside for the delivery. The service can be put on hold at any time and there is no commitment.

Box of Door to Door Organics produce

In 1997, Door to Door Organics started in Ottsville, PA by the Gersenson family, who later moved the business to Colorado. In 2010, they came back to Ottsville to open a regional facility. Door to Door now has 7 locations and over 40 employees. Flood and Chuck Minguez, the Location Marketing Specialist, spoke to me about the company.

Rise and shine. Flood says a typical day at their warehouse begins at 4:30 am with the packing of that day’s deliveries. By 6:00 am the first driver has pulled up for his delivery boxes and every 15 minutes after that another driver loads up for his route. Drivers will return to the warehouse by 4:30 pm or 5 pm, some from as far away as northern New Jersey. Produce is delivered to the warehouse daily so it’s fresh when it goes into the boxes, which by the way, are made from sustainably forested cardboard.

You can learn more about Door to Door Organics at their website or give them a call at 877.711.3636 to ask any questions.

Door to Door Organics
8039 Easton Road (Route 611)
Ottsville, PA

Door to Door Organics is offering a discount of $10 off the first box for Bucks County Taste readers. Just put the code “BucksCountyTaste” in when you sign up for your first order here.

D2DO $10 off first order_Bucks County Taste

Note: I first wrote about Door to Door Organics (then Suburban Organics) back in 2011. I thought they were a great local business, supporting local farmers, organic food and sustainable practices – and I still think so. So when they approached me to update the article, I was happy to do so. But in the interest of full disclosure, they have also offered me food credits to use to purchase product from Door to Door Organics. [Hey, a girl’s gotta eat.]

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