I’ve been told from time to time by regular readers of Bucks County Taste that they are a bit jealous of my “job” (The word “job” implies I make real money at this.) “Oh,” they say, “You go around and eat all this amazing food, and shop all over the place. I wish I could…” Or something along those lines.

Well, now you can. I’ve partnered with a dear friend, Alan Brown, to create Bucks County Food Tours. Here’s your opportunity to be driven around the county, tasting this and that, and getting a behind-the-scenes tour of some of the best food – ice cream, meat, baked goods, vegetables, cheese, barbecue and more – near and in Bucks County. Alan and I have combined our considerable skills and knowledge to create the makings of a really good time. So bring a cooler and money, because you’ll want to take this wonderful food home.

Here’s a sample of some of the tours we have planned. If none of them do it for you, we’ll customize one based on your interests:

Meat and Greet. Bucks County and the immediate area have legendary family-run butcher shops and up-and-coming charcutiers. Join us to see what goes on behind the block at the best butchers and charcutiers in Bucks.



Ice Cream Social. Bucks County is experiencing a renaissance in artisanal ice cream making.  The flavors and quality are astounding, and locally sourced. Taste, learn and buy right from the people breaking new ground in the world of ice cream.


Seize the Cheese. One of the benefits of an area with lots of pasture  is that you get folks making wonderful cheese. This tour will take you to a variety of cheese makers in the area, and a look at how and why they’ve chosen to make such special cheeses.  Seize the Cheese!!


Vegan Voyage. For our vegan friends, we didn’t want you to think we’re all about meat, dairy and such.  So we created a day for you sampling the freshest vegetables and grains we can find. These farms are also mostly organic and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

Mixed Bag of Bucks. We want you to sample a bit of everything being produced in the Bucks County area. We like this tour the most because it allows us to showcase the variety of foods being produced in our area. From meats, cheeses, breads, coffee, ice cream and vegetables, a wonderful day filled with variety awaits you.

Make Your Own Pizza. How about spending a day collecting all the perfect ingredients to make your own pizza from various local vendors and growers – and then baking it in a clay pizza oven with a glass of wine nearby?

Tours “under construction:”

  • Glutton for Gluten. Let’s do the bakery run…
  • Cooking Classes with Local Chefs.


What to get [fill in the blank]? These tours make great presents for the foodie in your life. Think anniversaries, wedding party weekends, birthdays, graduations, “Girls’ Day Out” (or guys), co-worker outings, and Father’s Day, to name a few.

Here are the details. All tours…

  • Are five hours long, Fridays
    through Sundays
    , other days
    by appointment
  • Include transportation
  • Include lunch at a local restaurant that supports local sourcing
  • Include beautiful scenery and very nice people
  • Cost: $95 per person

For more information, see the Bucks County Food Tours website. For reservations please call: 215.794.4191 (Alan) or 215.598.3979 (Lynne), or email us at: Bucks_county_food_tours@yahoo.com. We do ask for a four-person minimum.

I can’t wait to take you riding around Bucks County, eating our way down the back roads of this beautiful county. See you soon!




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  3. Brian says:

    Awesome! I’m def in for this!

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